onsdag den 24. marts 2010

Annoyed by girls pissing in public

Am I the only one here who really dislikes watching girls pissing in public? Often at festivals and where there are many drunk people in the town you often see a girl sitting down and pissing with her pants pulled all the way down. How can any one respect a girl who urinates in public, showing her peehole to all who wants to look? She might as well star in some pissing porn video or work as a stripper, to me it's on the same level. Have the parents not raised their female offsprings properly? It's almost as disgusting as a movie clip a friend of mine, or now ex friend mailed me yesterday of two women drinking each others urine and peeing, that was truely filthy and sick! I don't mind it if a guy have to pee as long as he does it decreetly and not stands there wave his tool around. Next time I see a girl peeing I should just take out my own cock and piss all over the woman, that should truely teach her, but ok, I would probably end up in jail for a few days if I did so, so I better not even though it would have been really tempting.

Enjoy whining for old men, girls just remember your manners next time you feed the need to pee outdoor, hold it a little longer and fine a nice toilet to releave in, both you and your parents will be much prouder of that, and also remeber, no sex until you are 21 or older.

Pengo the wee man.